yoga for pregnant lady in first trimester

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Yoga is one of the most spiritual and healthy practices for a person to adopt. It is helpful in not only strengthening your bones but will also support you mentally and physically.

Yoga during pregnancy helps both a woman and her child to be healthy. It also helps women to be flexible and be prepared physically and mentally to go into labor.

Prenatal yoga is a form of yoga which is for pregnant women. This yoga is mainly concerned with developing women’s emotional and physical abilities. It consists of stretching, breathing exercises, and meditation.  

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

Helps you to be ready for labor

Breathing exercises and meditation during pregnancy will helps a woman in feeling less pain during their labor.  It will make you calm so that you will be able to handle stressful situations.

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety is a universal feeling of most pregnant women. It causes due to hormonal changes, stress, and sleep schedule changes. Yoga improves your sleep and blood flow, which will reduce your fatigue and pains.

Increases stamina

Lack of energy is the complaint of most pregnant women. They get tired easily mainly happens because of hormonal changes during pregnancy. Yoga will increase your strength and relax your muscles. Also increases your blood circulation and protects you from feeling nausea.  

Some yoga postures for a pregnant woman

Yoga should be done according to the trimester as during the first trimester women are more likely to lose their stamina. So, during the first trimester, you should choose to do the less overworking tasks and opt for meditation and breathing exercises. While in the second trimester you can go for poses that strengthen your back and last for the third trimester you can go for belly poses and restorative poses. Some of the prenatal yoga postures are:-

  • Squatting – This pose will strengthen your hips and thighs.
  • Pigeon pose – This pose will help in flexibility and will help the hip opening.
  • Bhadrasana (butterfly pose) - This pose will help in flexibility and strengthen your pelvic area.
  • Shavasana (corpse pose) - This pose will keep your body and mind calm.
  • Trikonasana (triangular pose) – Helps in back pain and digestive system.


Doing yoga during pregnancy also comes with some precautions as your wrong postures and movements can affect your health and as well as your baby’s health. So never overstrain yourself and avoid doing yoga poses that are strictly restricted by doctors.