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Let's talk about serious things! If the knowledge of the origin of the operator is worthy of appreciation, the list of bonuses offered by him will interest you much more.

Dozens of countries… Hundreds of matches… The conclusion is clear: at Vbet we don't skimp on our football betting offer, 1xbet welcome bonus. You can bet on the biggest national and international competitions (League, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Champions League, Nations League, etc.).

French football cannot be beaten with Ligue 1 Uber Eats and Ligue 2 BKT. More exotic championships also have their say. From the Bulgarian Premier League to the Gibraltar National League, through the Bosnian Premier League and the Montenegrin PCL, the smallest piece of land has been square (as it is).

Basketball, tennis, rugby and other sports...

Basketball, tennis, rugby or even ice hockey also have a special place in the Vbet directory. Not a single major competition passes by. Whether it's Wimbledon, the NBA, the Six Nations, the Top 14, the NHL season, the America's Cup, the Tour de France, Australian football or even the Formula One World Championship, there's something for everyone. By giving you the ability to bet on anything and everything, Vbet can satisfy you.

Vbet Reviews | Types of bets

Like most of its competitors, Vbet boasts an incredible variety of bets. Collected dozens of different markets (match result, total goals, both teams to score, first half result, exact score, double chance, etc.), regular bets (singles, combinations, system, prematch or live) are clearly not gone.

The more popular the competition, the more markets available from all sides. And this is quite normal! You will also have access to handicap betting and cashout options (allowing you to keep all or part of your winnings if your bet fails).

Live betting

Not surprisingly, Vbet has a section dedicated entirely to live betting, organized in the same way as pre-match betting. All events are listed in the left column. The "Multiple View" option allows you to discover all sports events open for live betting. Unfortunately, streaming matches is not possible. This is one of the weak points that you should pay attention to. At the moment, Vbet is content with the minimum, offering players only live graphic animation.

With the Edit Bet option, Vbet allows its loyal bettors to change their current bets by raising or lowering the bet, adding or removing selections, or turning one bet into a combo bet. This feature is available for all bets (single, combined, pre-match and live) for which the cashout option is applicable.

But… Who among you has never regretted that you cashed out prematurely? When you try to save furniture, you will eventually miss. Thanks to the Re Bet option, you can go back and restore the selection you removed from your original bet by cashing out. To activate the Rebet feature, go to the Current Bets section and select the Rebet option.

Vbet Reviews | How about the odds?

They are neither the best nor the worst on the market. They are quite average for other French bookmakers. However, let's soften these remarks by pretending that the odds associated with football matches are quite interesting.

During major events, they even have nothing to envy with what their main rivals demonstrate. Indeed, the most anticipated meetings of the season bring pleasant surprises. For less popular sports, the odds are slightly less attractive than those offered by Winamax or Unibet, but not without interest.

Vbet news

It is impossible to write a constructive review of Vbet without mentioning the news section of the bookmaker. Like Bwin, Vbet sets itself apart from its competitors in that it invites you to blog. As the name suggests, it collects most of the sports news, with a focus on football, tennis, basketball and rugby. True, the blog is not updated daily, but its content can be useful.

Would you like to place a simple bet on the next Top 14 match at the Stade Toulouse? First, read the latest articles published on the Rouge et Noir website in the News section. You'll find useful information about the current state of the club, as well as anecdotes that can make a difference when deciding which market to bet on.

Vbet statistics

We fell in love with the "Statistics" page, which in itself is one of the biggest assets of the Vbet platform. It also corresponds to the "News" section. You already know that a good bet is one you make consciously.

That's good: the "Statistics" section gives you access to a huge amount of information that you can use as you see fit. Every football, basketball, tennis or even baseball game is analyzed, analyzed and mentioned down to the smallest detail (with raw data and lots of numbers).

Want to know how many shots on target your favorite team made in the last game? Can't remember how many aces your favorite tennis player scored during his last court appearance? All the elements you need for reasonable bets are waiting for you on the Vbet statistics page.