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Freshly opened the outskirts of the city is the pandemic-stalled Expo 2020-a festival of global innovation spread over 1,000 bemusing acres. While the world is probably more familiar with the flat version beloved by outdoorsy types for its grip, Balenciaga made the incarnation its own using a spring, which the house describes as a heavy-duty suspension heel.

To wit, though acrylic bar carts topped off with syringes full of Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm may fill each of the seven treatment rooms, Dr. Idriss often uses just a fraction of what's inside the vials-and only after sitting with a client and taking the time to study how her face moves.

It's a cornucopia of flamboyant fun. Everything is not only a functional bag, but it's like a toy-it's an art piece, says Ziwe. After over an hour spent at a Sephora swiping variations of red-red lipsticks on the back of my hand, I finally found the perfect shade of red. I paid no attention to the brand; my only criteria was that the winning mark on my body I ended up with streaks on both hands that then moved up my wrists contained no trace of a bluish-purply undertone.

Maybe if going out is like a luxury now, we will support sustainable brands more. Less is more right Well. There are no bright colors; there's no peacocking. It takes a second Golden Goose Sale glance to realize that something is tweaked in the silhouette. Now, Rure is expanding into shoes and ready-to-wear, the global pandemic notwithstanding. Primary-colored mules with pleated heels recall the look of the Mlouye's signature lantern bag, and the four-piece collection of ready-to-wear features a leather patchwork mini dress and an olive green boilersuit.