Varieties of mining

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In addition to bringing benefits directly to the miner, mining also proves to be useful in supporting the digital currency infrastructure.

Bitcoin mining can be done in various ways:

Solo on personal hardware. The advantage of this option is that there is no need to share the profits. But the competition for BTC is very high, so mining bitcoin alone will require such expensive computing power that the initial investment will be huge.
Because of this, solo mining is usually used for less popular or new digital currencies, the transaction blocks of which are quite easy to calculate on powerful, but quite affordable hardware. However, when mining unclaimed crypto, users take on the risk that the coins will not spin up and ultimately will not bring income.

By means of a pool in which the capacities of several users are combined. The benefit of this method is the ability to decrypt the blockchain faster. The disadvantage is that the profits will have to be divided. However, for bitcoin, mining a decentralized currency through a pool is currently the most promising option.
With the help of cloud technologies. The miner is given the opportunity to mine crypto without buying his own equipment. The advantages of bitcoin cloud mining are ease and availability. The user does not need to understand either the software or the hardware. However, you will have to pay for using the cloud resource. At the same time, the fee from reliable sites turns out to be quite high, and scammers usually offer too favorable conditions.

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