Ways to Prevent Entry of Armadillos into Your Property

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Wildlife infiltration can rob you of your peace of mind. When animals sneak into the house they start digging edges and corners like some officer on a mission. Armadillos are some of the most notorious creatures when it comes to digging spaces. Once they start their operation, there seems no going back. Even if you chase them away, they are likely to come back sooner or later. But there are effective strategies that you can use for armadillo removal from your property.

Installing Chicken Wires: To make your home animal-proof, this is something you must do. The majority of animals are not able to go past the chicken wires. The same goes with armadillos. Hence, they cannot enter the premises.

Keeping Eatables Away: Armadillos get easily attracted by food. If you keep eatables in the open from where they can easily access the food then they are likely to come again. Therefore, you must be cautious about where you keep edibles.

Using Repellents: Once you have identified the area where armadillos sneak into, it is time to use repellents. When you apply repellents to that area, they are highly likely to not come to the same area till the smell is present. This is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of armadillo intrusion.

Preventing the entry of animals into the house or chasing them away is certainly not easy. If you don’t know the right process then you may even end up hurting yourself. Also, prevention doesn’t always guarantee that animals won’t enter your premises anymore. If armadillo intrusion is a frequent thing in your place then you need to employ strategies that work!

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Rodent Control Now is home to bat exterminator solutions.

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