Our Tax Services Lithia, FL Gives your Business the Competitive Advantage it Needs

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At the core of our values lies the drive to achieve the best for our clients. At Freshwater Tax, we don't just believe but also invest in your success. Our certified accountants optimize your cash flow, manage inventory, keep track of all accounts payables and receivables, and monitor daily expenses to ensure that your expenses don't exceed the income. We can help you get the best possible ROI in every business transaction and investment that you make to increase profits. 


Meanwhile, our tax consultants find ways to reduce your tax liability effectively, thereby adding to the profit margins. All these savings mean you can reduce unnecessary expenses while staying compliant with all applicable laws. By truly focusing on your business growth objectives and working for them without any financial obstacles, your business gets a competitive advantage with an optimized business plan immune to losses. 


Our Tax Services Lithia, FL


⦁ Taxation

Freshwater Tax offers all kinds of accounting and regulatory compliance Tax Services Lithia, FL and across Florida. Our professional tax and business-related services include accounting, corporate taxation, business consultancy, wealth management, local, state, federal and international taxation, and tax filings and returns advisory. 


⦁ Advisory

Our business advisory services are meant to realize and seize growth opportunities for your business while mitigating risks along the way. Countless business owners and families choose Freshwater Tax because of our insightful knowledge of industry-wide and data-backed strategies. We can also successfully forecast key issues in the short and long haul that could impact your business. 


1. Assurance

Independent audits and assurance are key functions of every business today. Our experts provide audit and assurance services in order to determine the true financial position of a business while maximizing transparency to investors and other stakeholders in the company. 


⦁ Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our tax accountants can crunch the numbers to manage all cash flows, inventory, accounts payables and receivables, and other financial functions that help you in budgeting and making the right investment choices. 


⦁ Payroll Processing

Our payroll services ensure that your employees get timely and correct wages with proper bonuses and deductions factored in. We manage payroll functions so that you can focus on the strategic side of your business.