How AI & NLP is revolutionizing SEO?

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SEO is primarily a process that is driven by algorithm and these algorithms change frequently, hence a system that utilizes machine learning and AI can help in the optimization process, because such systems can detect and also predict algorithm changes and structure the content and keywords to match the algorithm. Today even companies providing SEO based content writing services are using AI based systems to reduce the time taken for creating each piece of content. However AI usage by companies providing content writing services is very limited and at a nascent stage.

One of the most important aspects of ranking your website is NLP – Natural Language Processing, if your content is optimized for NLP, it will be easier to rank your website. Earlier systems that were used by search engines like Google, were primarily dependant on quantitative aspects of the content (keyword density, LSI etc.), rather than the quality or intent. So today, companies providing content writing services are also well equipped to meet the new perspective and apply it. However with careful consideration and equipped with better knowledge, you can make good quality content without the help of a content writing services provider.

However today the scenario has changed, for example, Google’s BERT algorithm can identify intent in a search. A few years back when a person is searching on Google for “2019 India traveler to UAE need a visa”, the algorithm will pull out the results for UAE citizens planning to go to India, but the current algorithm reads and understands the word “to” which denotes the intent here. So with the new algorithm based on NLP, Google will show results for Indian citizens going to UAE.

Natural Language Processing comprises of 3 steps – recognizing text, understanding text and generating text.

Recognizing Text: Systems understand only numbers and not text. So the NLP based system converts the text into numbers.

Understanding Text: Once the text has been converted to numbers, the algorithms perform statistical analyses to identify the words or topics that appear together most frequently.

Generation: In this stage the AI based system will generate topics around which the writer can create content. Some of the advanced systems are capable of putting together content, so that the writer, would not take much time to fine tune and create the final content. However even the advanced AI based content writing systems are yet to achieve efficiency in terms of human readability of the content.