How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

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Drinking more water will help you to stay hydrated and healthy. Ideally, you’ll want to be drinking half your weight, in ounces, every day.

Drinking more water will help you to stay hydrated and healthy. Ideally, you’ll want to be drinking half your weight, in ounces, every day.  For example, I weigh 140 pounds so I should be drinking approximately 70 ounces of water every day and then more if I exercise.  So if you drink around 8 glasses of water a day, that’s roughly 60-70 ounces, that’s a great goal, and then just adjust for your weight. Drinking plenty of water isn’t only good for hydration it will help you lose weight, too.  Just think about it – water has 0 calories.  ZERO.  You can drink as much as you want without counting calories. Water can also help you eat less.  Drink a glass of water before a meal. Water will fill up your stomach and you will eat less without feeling hungry.  Also did you know your body tricks you into thinking your hungry when it’s actually that you’re dehydrated and in need of water?  That means, once you drink your water, you’ll stop feeling hungry when you’re body actually isn’t even really hungry. Finally, drinking water instead of sugary drinks or even sugar-free drinks will also re-train your body and tastebuds to enjoy less sugar each day so you’ll crave less sweet treats and empty carbs. If you need help getting started drinking more water, try to drink a glass of water before any other drink, each time you have a drink during the day.  You could also try adding natural flavors to your water, like lemon juice, mint, or fresh fruit slices.

A great way to kickstart weight loss and healthy eating is to cook your own food.  Cooking your own meals will give you full control over the quality of  ingredients, portions, and calories that you put into your body. It’s really the first step towards taking control of your food.  Eating pre-packed foods are made to keep on shelves, not nourish your body and restaurants liberally use salt and butter to make their food taste great. This is also a great way for you to learn what healthy foods you like and don’t like.  If you’re looking for healthy eating inspiration, there’s TONS of meal prep ideas for healthy eating on this blog to get you started.  Food life hacks don’t work if you hate your food so find what foods you enjoy and start there with basic ingredient substitutions to make them healthy (more on that later on in this post!).

In my opinion, planning is the most important weight loss hack out of all weight loss hacks. Without planning, you have very little control over your destiny and healthy lifestyle. There’s a saying: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  That means you leave it up to circumstance and fate to find healthy food while out or you deal with what options you have available to you. Personally, I find it very difficult to eat healthy when I don’t have a plan and when I haven’t surrounded myself with healthy options.  For example, when you have pre-portioned meals ready and waiting for you in the fridge, eating healthy is so much easier.  That being said, I do have a post on helpful tips for how to eat healthy at restaurants that you can help to base your decisions on. Meal planning eliminates temptations almost entirely.  Plus, when you meal prep, you can always opt for the best ingredients, you can pre-portion your food and forget about opening the fridge just to find out you have nothing to eat!  Check out my post on meal prep ideas to get started. Planning also helps with making poor food choices.  Do you know what restaurant you’re going to later?  Check out the menu online ahead of time to see what your best options are — it can be difficult to think straight when you’re hungry and rushed.

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